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Indoor Fountains Online

Bringing The Beauty and Tranquility of Nature Indoors

Indoor Fountains: Beautiful Home Decor That Is as Unique as You Are!



An indoor water fountain is one of the most beautiful and versatile additions that you can make to your home….Perfect for those that want to make a statement in their home that is outstanding, dramatic, and unique beyond compare. The variety of styles that are available online is truly astonishing. Indoor water features come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Whether you live in a cozy cottage or an elaborate Manhattan penthouse, you are sure to find an indoor fountain that fits in perfectly with your decor.  

Types of Indoor Fountains

Wall Fountains – Wall mounted-fountains that, as the name suggests, mount directly to a wall.




Mist Fountains – Misting fountains create a light fog by using sonic vibrations under the water. Truly a unique look. They come in tabletop and stand-mounted varieties.

Floor Fountains – These free-standing fountains are the larger cousins of the tabletop fountain.


Solar Fountains – Solar powered fountain are typically tabletop or freestanding units. The solar panel is either built in or attached to the fountain via a long cable.  

Tabletop Fountains – Can range from very small to medium in size and can be placed on tables, desks, or any flat surface.




Buddha Fountains A themed category featuring fountains of various types that depict the image of The Buddha.


Discounted Fountains

A listing of water fountains that are currently being sold at a discounted price.

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Additional Indoor Fountain Benefits You Have Probably Never Considered


Relaxing, Stress Relief – Tranquil Sounds Maximize Comfort

Aside from creating a unique, upscale look to your home, the tranquil sounds will soothe you after a hard day and provide them with much-needed stress relief. What’s more, those soothing water sounds create a white noise effect that will mask even some of the most annoying sounds that interfere with your relaxation.


Improved Air Quality

You will also be breathing a higher quality of air because of the natural humidifying effect that an indoor fountain provides combined with the natural ability of splashing water to produce negative ions that remove pollutants and allergens from the air.


Better Sleep Awaits You

With an indoor fountain in your bedroom you will find that you sleep better. The gentle relaxing sounds of your beautiful new fountain will gently carry away the stress of your day allowing you to slip into a deep restful sleep while the natural white noise effect created by the flowing water masks out the annoying background noises that would otherwise disturb your much needed slumber.


No External Water Source Needed

I’m sure that you’ll be happy to hear that no additional plumbing work is needed. All the indoor fountains have a recirculating pump that draws the water from a reservoir at the base of the fountain. All that is needed is to add a little water from time to time to replace what is lost through normal evaporation.


For more information, please see our pages on fountain basics and the benefits of indoor fountains.


  Important Shopping Tip!

When shopping at various merchants, keep in mind that they may not (and often do not) show every style variation of a certain fountain. Check the drop down boxes for additional options, including size, framing material (stainless steel, copper, etc…), framing style (squared, rounded, etc), color and/or material of the face, or optional lighting. Copper has additional patina options.